Paisley makes a comeback with funky new single.

As a UK fan of Doug Paisley, I sometimes have to remind myself that the Canadian singer-songwriter still exists. Between his private Twitter and very unaesthetic Instagram, Paisley seems to release an incredible album when he feels, tour a little, then dip. It looks like this is his fifth coming.

The title track from Paisley’s latest, Say What You Like, was released yesterday to everyone’s surprise. Back on his guitar, Doug gives a groovy sound straight from the 70s, while also maintaining the minimalism that makes him so accessible. There’s no mega guitar solos or wacky production here, but the song keeps your attention throughout.

The lyrics are Doug at his purest, considering those lesser-mentioned situations surrounding love and relationships. Unsure whether he still has feelings for an old flame, he sings, “I greet you like a stranger / A scene I may have dreamed long ago / When you were mine.” The chorus is even better.

Paisley had this to say about Say What You Like: “When something important disappears from your life your imagination is sometimes called upon to fill the gaps. You could fill another universe with all the things people imagine other people are saying or thinking about them.

The music video is flashy, but only because of the intermittent lighting and shiny gold outfits. You can barely even see Paisley picking away on his guitar, let alone the rest of the band, but you can certainly make out each of their contributions. Watch and listen below!

The full album is out on March 17th, 2023. Whether there’ll be a tour, or a vinyl LP release is anyone’s guess. I certainly hope so.

The last time we heard from Doug was with Starter Home four years ago, a record so good that The New Yorker named it one of their top ten albums of 2018. You should check it out.


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